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Major Practices


    To strengthen the epidemic prevention system and to efficiently prevent and control diseases.

    To create a healthy and happy lifestyle by promoting health preventive measures.

    To strengthen the health care system by ensuring high quality medical services .

    To promote self health management to ensure good public health

    To strengthen the e-healthcare system and to provide high quality services to the public.

    To enhance active collaboration between the government and the academia.

    To enhance international collaboration and exchange. 

     Short-Term Objectives

    To carry out prevention measures for Tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, and Enterovirus.

    To provide cancer screening services and chronic diseases in a broader area.

    To launch self sanitation management system in the workplace (especially in the catering industry) and to give out “sanitation tags”.

    To strengthen the ability of medical emergency rescue and to ensure continuous improvement of the Emergency Medical Service Information Center.

    To plan for municipal hospital upgrades and to strengthen mental healthcare in the community.

    To assist pharmacies in educating citizens with general knowledge of taking medicine safely and to improve medical services in communities.

    To promote self health management.

    To strengthen inspections on food product labels and sanitation so our citizens can eat healthy.

    To assist Liou-He and Kuang-Hwa night market vendors with sanitation issues to increase the overall competitiveness.

    To increase the laboratory's reputation by ensuring accurate examinations.

    To establish a healthy and culturally rich zone .