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Medical Affairs Division

    Mission – to provide safe, swift, and adequate health services and help build a healthy and happy city!

    Operation of the Medical Administration Section

    1.Healthcare Safety
    (1) Compliance to related healthcare regulation and the execution of institution and personnel administration.
    (2) The administration of private hospitals and clinics.
    (3) Patient safety (Safety reminders for patients).
    (4) Medical ethics.

    2. Quality of healthcare service
    (1) Dispute settlement.
    (2) Crackdown on breach of law.
    (3) Crackdown on unlawful practices (Provide Your Tips).

    Operation of the Medical Emergency Section

    (1) Assist hospitals / clinics on emergencies and transfer of severe cases.
    (2) Respond to mass victims due to disasters (drill photos).
    (3) Healthcare personnel mobilization (drill photos).
    (4) Provide training and education (EMTI, CPR, etc).
    (5) Ambulance and paramedics administration.

    Management of the Municipal hospitals

    (1) The administration of the municipal hospitals– enhance performance, efficiency and quality of medical services.
    (2) The administration of the entrusted municipal hospitals.
    (3) Planning for future orientation of the municipal hospitals.

    The administration of Free denture for seniors over 65 years of age