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Community Mental Health Center

     Mental Health Promotion Unit

    (1) Establishment of a promotional platform for mental health education.
    (2) Provides mental health consultation services to public.
    (3) Evaluation of health promotion.
    (4) Promotion of activities held by Department of Health, KCG.
    (5) Seminars for Health Education.
    (6) Analyzing the database of suicide prevention in Kaohsiung City.
    (7) Promote suicide prevention among Kaohsiung area.
    (8) Establishment of treatments for post-disaster mental health recovery.

    Substance Abuse Control and Prevention Unit

    Coping with affairs of drug abuse control and preventions.

    Management of mental health volunteers

    (1) Recruiting and training of volunteers.
    (2) Allocation, management, and evaluation of volunteers.
    (3) Regulations related to volunteer service.

    Operation of the Mental Health Section

    (1) Integrated plan of community mental health service.
    (2) Suicide and depression prevention.
    (3) Enhance the services provided by the community mental health centers.
    (4) The administration of mental institutions.
    (5) The administration of mental recovery institutions.
    (6) The administration of mental healthcare network in the Kaohsiung area.
    ( Established Emergency Service Center for emergency and sickbed space services. ) .
    (7) Sexual assault and Domestic violence medical service.